The New World Order by Brian J.

Part 1

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To begin, this has nothing to do with “Qanon”. My theory is based on actual events and first hand experiences. None of it comes from Q.

I’m not an insider. I don’t have sources. I’m just a reasonably smart guy who pieced things together.

Now on to the mysterious booms:

The fact the booms started the same time in TN, SC, & NY meant coordination. Only the US military could carry out such a plan.

Previously I suspected a military operation was underway, but I knew it after that night.

With this in mind, let’s discuss what is really going on.

In my opinion the NWO is making its move. It’s exploiting crises it created to usher in the Great Reset, vaccine passports, Agenda 21 / 2030, inflation, Blackrock, farmland purchases, supply chain issues, UBI, etc.

These control systems are the precursor to one world government.

But to truly reshape the world, they first needed to collapse it. They tried, believe me.

They tried with coronavirus, Iran, North Korea, the Three Gorges, Dam, mass civil unrest, aliens, etc.

We were to be so scared we willingly gave up our rights in exchange for security.

However, that didn’t happen. I believe the worst of it was prevented by the US military, notably Space Force.

I think Space Force was created specifically for this military operation. It’s a stand alone branch with a single command structure. There’s no outside interference.

The NWO’s home is underground. I think a massive war is being fought beneath us.

If you don’t know about Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs), look into them. Denver Airport is most famous, but they’re everywhere. A vast tunnel system connects them.

Underground is the key.

The military knew the bad guys would insist on lockdowns so they used it to their advantage.

The first MAJOR signs of this operation were the USNS Comfort & Mercy. Those ships were used to save children underneath NYC & LA.

Remember these pics of “coronavirus” patients?














Interestingly enough, President Trump was presented with the Space Force flag the same day the USNS Mercy departed from Los Angeles.

This was to signal a victory.











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