The Deep State

The deep state conspiracy refers to a hybrid group of individuals and organizations that are considering to be “Deep State” agents. In the broader context of the conspiracy theory, deep state activity is defined as an unseen conspiracy by which elected officials, judges, attorneys and other public servants collaborate to work against the interests of the people. This collaboration is not based on any particular interest but is formed in an effort to accomplish a specific goal for which they individually have come to the United States. Deep state activity is also considered to be beyond the control of the American people.

This conspiracy theory suggests that there may be a secret network of individuals and groups working in the U.S. that are using the media, the universities and even the federal government to shape social reality in favor of their own interests and power. In some cases, the so-called deep state has been referred to as the shadow government. It is also believed that a portion of the federal government is involved in this kind of activities. In the current situation, the deep state shadow government holds the power to remove elected officials that are perceived as threats to the conspiracy.

With the presence of the deep state and its potential political machinations, the citizens of our country no longer can take their politics seriously any longer. Elected officials have been replaced with career politicians that are only in it for the perks and benefits. This means that the political process is no longer based on the will of the people. The outcome of any given election is now a product of which party can cough up more money and who can make more deals. We must now look to the future and ask what exactly is a deep state?