QAnon, also known as the “Quadian Family” is a far right and unfounded far-right anti-conscience conspiracy theory claiming a small cadre of Satan-worshiping Pedophiles is operating a worldwide child-sex-traffling ring and conspiring against US President Donald Trump. It goes something like this: Satanists are embedded in top-level circles of government, banking and law enforcement and are running the show from behind the scenes, while Hillary Clinton is just another “evil witch” who wants to destroy America. Some of the alleged evidence against the Clinton Foundation, arms dealing with Iran, and other matters has turned out to be total lies and slander, nothing but a pack of revisionist conspiracy theories cooked up by the fringe right-wingers to malign Hillary Clinton and her husband’s name. Of course the mainstream press has picked up on this propaganda, and the far-fetched claims have been replayed over again in YouTube videos, talk radio shows, as well as right-wing websites like the Drudge Report, Infostars, and the rest.

QAnon operates by way of an encrypted online forum where people can post messages and ask questions. The website states that their goal is to “expose” the hidden agenda of the international elite, which has allowed these criminals to wreak havoc on American society. QAnon believes that those in charge of the Federal Reserve, Bohemian Grove, and International Business thuggishly want to keep the American People in poverty and out of the way, and they have succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations, namely by fooling them into believing that all of the major financial problems the world is facing are caused by their personal evilness. QAnon also claims that those in government at the Federal Reserve, intelligence agencies, and Banking Cabals are involved in a massive conspiracy that is hiding in plain sight.

The site states that it was started by two guys named Mark Zucherberg and John Joseph Valery. Zucherberg is a self-employed computer professional, and Valery is a software designer. The site states that this is not a paid job, and it is not a get rich quick scam to earn thousands of dollars a day. It is designed to help people who are struggling to pay their bills, or to learn how to quit their jobs. Valery says that QAnon can teach them all of the skills they need to develop a network of contacts who can help them achieve financial freedom.