Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group is an international inter-governmental organization that meets for a two-week period each year. The original intent of the group was to prevent another global war. Today the group has largely lost that purpose but still meets for a two-week period each year. This short meeting brings together a variety of political leaders from Europe and North America to discuss the global issues of the day.

There are several issues on which consensus can be reached when leaders of the western world gather at this yearly meeting of the powerful international community known as the Bilderberg Group. Issues that are commonly brought up at these conferences include peace and security, human rights issues, and globalization. Other topics include alternative energy, national security, and the global economy. All of these issues can help to strengthen the alliances between nations while helping to reduce the conflicts that are currently plaguing the world.

The founder of the Bilderberg Group, Sir Paul Scholes, explained in his book “The Trilateral Commission” how the secretive group works. He stated that the purpose of this secretive group is to maintain the balance of power among the member nations of the organization. Each nation participating in the trilateral commission meets to discuss only the issues that affect their respective countries. No other outside parties are allowed to attend these meetings aside from the seven leaders of the bilderberg group.

The United States and Europe are represented by the European Union and the United States, respectively. Both of these nations have close relationships with both the EU and the United States, which is one of the reasons that they choose to participate in the bilderberg group meetings. Other countries that are considered to be members of the secretive group include Canada, Australia, Japan, and South Korea. The presence of these countries in the secretive club is not a coincidence as their proximity to the major players in the international scene gives them an ability to influence each other and the rest of the world.

The concept of the trilateral commission was born out of the World Trade Organization Agreement, which was created to help bring the North American and European economies closer together. However, the agreements created some negative effects on the smaller, yet vital north American economies, which were causing serious friction. By forming the secret group known as the bilderberg group, these nations were able to unite against this common enemy. This secret group also hopes to avoid another major war in Europe, which would cause massive damage to the economies of both the EU and the United States. Many people believe that if a large enough number of countries band together against a common threat, it is possible to stop a war before it starts. For many, the idea of a conspiracy to control the money and energy flows in the world is very disturbing, considering we are only five years into the 21st century.

While there may not be proof that a conspiracy exists behind the secretive group of nations that call themselves the “Bilderberg Group”, there are several conspiracy theories that have been discussed by thousands of conspiracy theorists over the last decade. Some of these theories have been discussed on the Internet, including the idea that the Trilateral Commission is in fact a big secret society made up of mega rich businessmen who want to form a one-world government with the power to control the money and energy flows of the entire world. Others have made wild claims, such as that the concept of the “Bilderberg Group” is actually a way to trick the public into thinking the United States is building the next space ship to go to Mars. Whether or not these theories are true, there is no doubt that people from all over the world continue to be intrigued by the secretive group.