Area 51

Area 51 is the official title of an extremely classified United States Air Force base located inside the Nevada Test and Training Range known as Area 51. The facility is officially named Homey Airport or Groom Lake after a local radio station. It is operated by the United States Air Force and is located about thirty miles south of Las Vegas, Nevada. However, it is better known to locals as “Area 52.”

The primary function of this U.S. Air Force base is to test and train new aerospace craft for the Air Force. However, since the base was established over forty years ago, one could surmise that there are many items of alien origin in the area. Many people suspect that these alien spaceships have landed here from various alien species that have made their way to earth through some sort of portal, but that is still subject to proof.


In addition to the suspected alien bodies, top-secret projects that deal with both outer space and UFO matters are also believed to be located in the Area 51. However, the exact location of classified Air Force installations and facilities is top-secret and not released to the general public. The general public has only been allowed access to military bases and war reserves.


Recently, photos were released showing what appears to be a crashed alien saucer near the US military base in Area 51. However, experts say that this photo is actually from another planet. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that there are flying saucers in Area 51. Furthermore, there is reason to believe that alien spaceships that have made their way to our planet may have originated from Area 51. Some folks believe that the US government is keeping information about space and aliens a secret to protect the American people from anything that would be revealed.


There have been many rumors and beliefs about Area 51 since the early 1990s. A good example is when Betty Andabby first brought word of UFO sightings over the airwaves. She claimed that there were flying crafts coming from Area 51 and she did not think that the US government was telling the truth. More evidence came out later with some very high-ranking members of the military admitting that they had seen an alien spacecraft in the skies over the Nevada desert in the early 1990s.


There have been many rumors about strange lights in the sky over the Nevada desert area as well as reports of flying saucers. There are also rumors of strange magnetic anomalies, and some even believe that experiments with ghosts and other paranormal phenomena take place at the underground facility. Could these rumors have any truth to them? Well, the answer most likely is yes and that is why we will continue to keep looking for the truth surrounding Area 51 and the Nevada homey airport that are its primary base of operations.


The whole thing is kind of a big joke really and yet it is becoming more real. For one thing, Hollywood is taking credit for the latest viral video about the truth about Area 51 and the alleged alien highway. The video shows an aerial view of the desert and it appears to be some kind of large-scale experiment or test that is taking place in an air-conditioned lab in some undisclosed location right now. A few minutes later the exact location of Area 51 can clearly be seen in the video as well. In the video a man who identifies himself as an employee in the Area 51 facility stands beside a security guard and asks him if he can show them the location of the alleged alien highway. The security guard obliges and points to what looks like a huge metal structure.


Some people think that this is just a stunt which is a little bit too over the top but if you watch closely you will notice the various different elements of the video. One thing that stands out immediately is the apparent military significance of the location. Although it could simply be a bunch of mischievous scientists, there is no doubt that military experiments are still going on there. If so, why would the aliens want to test out their theories on a remote Nevada desert?